Lose less, sell more!

Our products help reinvent the in-store customer experience.

Track and manage your store's activity in real time, and rapidly increase your sales.


Existing camera systems

No need to install new cameras. Our AI software uses existing video surveillance cameras.

Easy to use

To use our solutions, we need the users install a phone app on their smartphones. They get instantly the results of the real-time analysis. 

Easy to install

The setup does not need any specific skills. We install the AI software above the existing CCTV system. 

Easy to integrate

​Our systems is open by design. The integration with cash register software, CRM or ERP can be done easly.

Our AI detects theft and alerts you.

By continuously scanning video flows from your video surveillance system in real time, our software is able to detect suspicious shoplifting gestures.

The software alerts you instantly on the chosen smartphone. The shoplifter has to pay or return the product. The loss is significantly reduced.

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Our AI helps you increase your conversion rate

Most of visitors of physical stores are qualified. With an excellent customer experience, they can be converted and become loyal. The gain is in the present instant, and in the middle and long terms.

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Our partners

Our partners

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